Why don't you have to cast my feet like they do for hard orthotics?
When an orthotist casts to make hard orthotics, they rotate your foot until it is in a neutral position to make your casts. Then, they often fit premade orthotics to your casts, estimating how much support your arch can handle. We know that your arch isn't working properly. If it was, you wouldn't be excessively pronating. Our full-foot posted cushion orthotics rotate your feet every time you put weight on them, thus allowing your arch to function naturally.

Why are your orthotics so much less money?
When the costly and time-consuming process of casting feet is eliminated, you pay only for the orthotic, not the unnecessary lab time.

My hard orthotics hurt when I first received them, but yours are comfortable right from the start. Why?
Hard and other rearfoot orthotic systems force your arch up to the position at which the makers feel you will function properly. This requires your feet to take weight directly under your arches, which can be very uncomfortable. Our full-foot wedge lifts your arch naturally, allowing it to function as it should—without forcing it into an unnatural and uncomfortable position. Arch support is added as a back-up support system.

How do you generalize corrections when all feet are different?
You're right: all feet are different and all our orthotics (except the Supporter series) are designed to correct the same type of foot. If your feet look similar to the pronated feet in our diagrams (flat arch, ankle rolling in, and most of your weight on the balls of your feet as you move forward), then you will benefit from forefoot rotation. Through years of testing, we have found that 6º forefoot rotation and 2º rearfoot rotation is enough correction to help over 90% of our patients. And if you happen to be in the 10% of excessive pronators that need more correction, simply wear the orthotics for 6 weeks and then return them to our lab. Your footprint will be analyzed and the correction improved accordingly at no extra charge. We are so sure this system works that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

What if I have high arches that are starting to drop?
Our Sport Supporter system offers good support for your arches when forefoot rotation isn't needed.

One of my legs is longer than the other. Should I be concerned?
Leg length differences are a common problem, often affecting the longer leg. We build right into the orthotic up to three-eighths of an inch of lift to help balance your body. Let us know how much lift you would like (usually half of your leg length difference) and we will add it to the short leg's orthotic at no extra charge.

My kids have inherited my flat feet. Should I do something now or wait until they start complaining?
We have found that when orthotics are worn during the growing years, the arch gradually takes new shape and many stress-related ailments are prevented or reduced. Why wait, when you can use their natural growth to prevent lifelong foot problems?

How long will these orthotics last?
All of our orthotics use closed cell foams to retain their shape and correction, which lasts almost indefinitely. However, as the tops do wear and the cushioning gradually compacts, most people replace them after 1 to 3 years.

What about shoe fit? Won't I have to buy new shoes?
Probably not. If your shoes have removable insoles, the orthotic will usually fit when the insoles are taken out. If, however, you are a person that likes to wear tight-fitting shoes, you may have to go up a half size.

Is it true that my shoes will last longer?
Yes, they will last longer—often a lot longer because your foot remains centered over the shoe. Many people report a net savings when our orthotics are worn.

Will my doctor advise me that I need orthotics?
Most doctors have a general understanding of orthotics and believe in their value. However, some doctors have tried prescribing rearfoot orthotics without success and, because of this, may hesitate to recommend them. We're so confident that you and your doctor will be satisfied with the results of our complete foot correction system that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Will you accept prescriptions for custom corrections?
Yes, we are ready to make custom corrections and it is only through this experience that we have found that our 6º and 2º correction works for most people. We mainly work with sports medicine doctors and physiotherapists and make orthotics to their prescriptions. Many other medical professionals are also capable of prescribing orthotics and we also work with them. If your health advisor wants to prescribe orthotics for you, just fill in all the information on the order form and include a copy of the prescription. Remember, we are reshaping your feet so the prescription must show forefoot and rearfoot correction (varus or valgus postings). All of our orthotics are handmade, so there is no extra charge for custom corrections.

How soon can I get a pair of your orthotics?
Most orders, including prescriptions, are shipped in 3 working days.

"Run faster, jump higher, perform better." Isn't that just hype?
When you stop wasting energy because of misalignment, you will improve your speed, balance, and endurance.

I am not sure my foot type is causing my problems. How do I find out?
We have found that the best source of information is to talk to those medical professionals that specialize in active people. If you're still not sure, we can help. Just email us describing your problem. We will ask questions to determine the cause of your discomfort and advise you if we can help.