Local Custom Orthotics

Westcoast Orthopedic Laboratories originally formed in 1984 to offer an alternative to arch support orthotics: soft orthotics with full-foot postings that mimic natural biomechanics. The product line has expanded from running orthotics to a full range of use-specific orthotics and related orthopedic products of owner and operator Bruce Turcotte's design.

What We Do

Victoria & Area

Ready to start the process of creating a customized orthopedic solution? I will usually be able to see you within a week. Timely service is possible because orthotics are the focus of the business—and have been for 33 years. Appointments can take place at your home or work; the track, rink, or dance studio; or at our workshop…wherever is most convenient for you. If scheduling an appointment during a normal workday is a challenge, early morning and evening is no problem: just ask.

During the first meeting, I will conduct a full assessment, including foot type, alignment, and movement pattern during walking or running (known as gait analysis). This approach ensures that your new orthotic will address the cause of your condition, not just the symptoms. If you require orthotics for another activity, such as cycling, assessment will take place while engaged in that sport. We’ll also discuss intended footwear type, for example athletic versus dress shoe, to achieve good fit from the get-go.

Your orthotic will typically be ready within a week. Prompt delivery is standard because all work is done locally and not outsourced—I construct each orthotic myself. Usually, we would meet again in person so that any immediately apparent issue can be addressed right away.

After wearing your new orthotics, you may want some fine-tuning: you will never be charged for any adjustments during the life of the orthotic or for a follow-up visit. To facilitate long-term care and reordering, your assessment and adjustments are kept on file.

I'm confident you’ll be happy with the product but if it doesn't meet your needs, a full, no-hassle refund will be given.

Via the Webstore

Are you crazy to consider buying orthotics online? Probably not, if any of the following applies:

  • You want a product that will address the cause of your condition, not just the symptoms
  • You recognize that your foot isn't rigid so your orthotic shouldn't be either
  • You know that if an orthotic isn't comfortable, you won't wear it, and you won't get better
  • You require an orthotic tailored to a specific activity
  • You have experienced chafing from an orthotic that doesn't run the full length of your shoe
  • You have tried other products that haven't worked

Our full, no-hassle refund is also available to web customers. Besides pain, discomfort, limits to your activities...what have you got to lose?

Webstore customers currently enjoy wholesale prices and receive our generic average anti-pronation correction or custom corrections at no additional cost.